Having practiced yoga for 15 years (with occasional massages for tight muscle issues) I thought everything was stretched and in good shape. A friend highly recommended Kathy, and I was amazed at how many knots she found and chased away! Her knowledge and skills are remarkable. It is now 8 months later with regular appointments and every visit finds something that needs releasing, and it feels SO good! With Kathy’s help I remain pain free and nimble. She is my preventative medicine. Thank you Kathy!
~ Corinne

Kathy is very professional and personable; she is able to put one right at ease upon arrival for a massage. Her studio is very comfortable and relaxing. I have been getting massages from Kathy for over 6 years now and I would highly recommend her and have recommended her to many people. She has worked with me to alleviate pain in my lower back and also my neck and shoulders. Not only has Kathy helped with these particular problems she offers a variety of massage which I have come to enjoy including Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, and Bamboo. She also offers Reiki which I highly recommend to have a completely relaxing and healing experience.
~ Maureen M

Massage has helped me manage stress, relax, and help mprove my overall mood. I think it is an excellent way to relax and makes you feel so much better physically and mentally. Kathy listens to what you are looking to get out of your treatment and really focuses in on your requests. She is extremely skilled and professional and really knows how to work the different problem areas that I have. I would recommend Kathy’s massage services to anyone!
~ Nancy G

Massage with Kathy has helped me in everyday living by making me feel better and move better. I can’t get over how good you feel after it’s been done. Before my accident it was a great stress reliever and it let me move better and without pain. After my accident, which now I’m a paraplegic, it has helped me to move and exercise with more mobility than I had before. It greatly improves my lifestyle! I always have to exercise my upper body so that I can move the wheelchair without a problem and without massage therapy my arms, back and neck would get very sore and stop me from exercising for a few days.
If a friend or family member were to ask me if they thought they should give it a try I would highly recommend it. After they went a couple of times that they would be able to move a lot better, and if they had any pain it would be relieved a lot.
~ Mike G

Great hands…instinctive! You can feel the release of pure pleasure as Kathy works to restore your body’s balance. Spoil yourself…you deserve it!
~ A Satisfied Customer

I asked for a massage for Mother’s Day, and I have been receiving one faithfully every month since and that was 12 years ago.  I have had massage to help me through my 2nd pregnancy with low back pain, I have looked forward to my appointments to relieve neck pain from the stress of a colicky newborn and trying to hold a 3 year old at the same time, to helping me get back on my feet after surgery from an ankle fracture.  I trust Kathy fully and completely with my body to help me live a pain free life.
I have been receiving massage for 12 years, most of those years from Kathy.  Kathy is a professional personable therapist who wants everyone to live a stress-free, pain free life.  If you have any aches, pains, or problem areas that just don’t move as freely as you would like or remember from your younger days. I say without hesitation,  I know the person to call and that is Kathy. She is the answer to whisking away all your pain, once you experience her expertise you will become a repeat client, for sure.  I am most impressed with my healing from my ankle fracture. Anybody I ran into told me I would never walk the same and Kathy has managed to give me back mobility that people had me believing I would never have again.  In my eyes, she is my miracle worker.  Prior to that, I had a knot in my neck that I had for as long as I could remember and nobody could fix it.  I thought I was going to have to live with it for the rest of my life, but I met Kathy and it is gone.  The first time I realized I didn’t have that pain anymore was one of the best days of my life. I knew I found the person to trust with all my aches and pains for the long term. Kathy stays current on her education to be sure she is always using the most current treatments and methods to help her clients.  If you have any aches or pains that you have had for so long that you are ready to just put up with it for the rest of your life, do me a favor and give Kathy a call and I bet you will become a repeat client too.
~ Jen K


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