Lower Back Pain Sufferer? Give Massage a Try!

There has been a lot of news lately that describes how people can benefit from massage without medication for lower back pain.

After working for several years with clients who have lower back pain, I have found that many people can absolutely be helped by massage and many without medications. Often times my clients feel some relief after the first massage. If there is no relief after the second massage we reassess the situation and possibly have them go to a Doctor or a Physical Therapist. Depending on the issue, I have my clients come in once a week for a few weeks. I will then work up to once every two weeks, then once every 3 or 4  or more weeks as needed. This all depends on the client and the issue/s involved.

It is always important that I work with my client to be sure I am not working too deeply, thereby causing pain. Sometimes a therapeutic discomfort might be felt, but I work with my clients on the difference between the two. I don’t believe in “no pain, no gain”.

I have worked with clients whose doctors have sent them to a massage therapist in an effort to avoid back surgery. At times these clients have been given medications for the pain also. As the muscles start to relax and the pain eases. I always tell my clients to speak with their doctor before reducing any and all pain medications.  I also tell them that it is important NOT to come in for a massage when they have just taken any pain medications because they will not know if I am working at a level that would under normal circumstances be too deep and have caused them pain. So I ask them to wait to take any pain medications until after their massage.

If there are any lower back pain sufferers out there you should definitely give massage a try, I have seen first-hand how the issue can be dramatically improved with massage!

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